Don Naylor

Principal Product Designer

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Don Naylor

Principal Product Designer from Greater Boston

Even with over 10 years of design experience behind me, I still have a daily drive for finding new ways to solve problems and convery messages visually with great design. I am currently Senior UI/UX designer with Hatchery, The New Business Innovation Team at Vistaprint in Waltham, MA.

In addition to my full time job I am part of a collective of freelance designers focused on being an on demand full service creative team for tech startups.

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Vistaprint New Business Innovation Lab

Principal Product Designer

As the Principal Product Designer and Design Lead of Vistprint's new business innovation team I participate in end to end concepting and experience of new business models to be incubated and pushed out to the core company. This includes Everything from Prototyping and testing with customers to full UI design.

March, 2014
Dec, 2014

Webs / Vistaprint Digital

UI/UX and product Designer

At Vistaprint / Webs I work on all aspects of our Digital Products' experiences. Working accross multiple scrum teams, I have been reimagining products and interactions. Collaboration with teams on creating better experiences has been a main focus including the user interface and consumer facing pages.

April, 2012
March, 2014

InkHouse Media

Creative Content Manager

As the Creative Content Manager at InkHouse I am in charge of all visual communication for our company and clients. I collaborate with other designers, copywriters, content strategists and developers to visualize a message and position it to reach a targeted audience. I am in charge of concept, user experience, design, and front end development. The visual content may take the form of an infographic, website, video or marketing collateral.

July, 2012
June, 2015

GB Recycle

Visual / UI Design (Consultant)

Greenbean Recycle is a software technology company that aims to increase recycling by incorporating real time analytics, social media, and gaming into its groundbreaking reverse vending machine and web app process. My responsibilities: design promotional collateral and presentations. Mobile app UX and design.

June, 2013
May, 2015


Visual / UI Design (Contractor)

Genospace offer a research and clinical platform for genomic data storage, interpretation and management. Since June 2013 I have worked with Genospace as a consultant where I work with the team on user experience design and interface design along with iconography illustration.


Rain or Shine Studios

Visual / Web Design

Since 2011, I have also been part of a collective of freelance designers called Rain or Shine Studio in Boston. We work with a variety of clients doing everything from responsive web design to a complete UX and UI for mobile apps.

Oct., 2011

All In Merchandise

Co-owner, Graphic Design, Print Pre-Production

Co-Founder of merchandising and promotion company. Created brand, identity and lead creative direction and design execution of products. Also involved in business management. Worked with partners and employees to bring company from infancy to $1 million per year in sales.


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